Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oklahoma Congress Only Living Nine Years in the Past?

It's troubling to live in Oklahoma sometimes. Despite how nice and social the average person on the street can be, there are beliefs buried so deep in the Oklahoma consciousness that can easily leave me bludgeoned and breathless with their cruelty. Today was yet another example of the breadth of the unthinking callousness that still permeates the state from time to time.

Okla. state Senate approves anti-gay marriage resolution as reported by LGBTQ Nation.
The resolution sponsored by Norman Republican Sen. Rob Standridge was quickly adopted Tuesday on a voice vote.
The House passed the resolution unanimously last week, but more than a dozen representatives walked out of the chamber instead of voting.
The only bright side is that there are now a few people, at least in the Oklahoma House, willing to walk out on such hateful ideology.

The resolution doesn't carry the weight of law, but that doesn't matter. In 2004 Oklahoma passed Oklahoma State Question 711 (Wikipedia link) changing the Oklahoma constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman. It isn't enough to outlaw someone else's love, they also have to try to stomp on them even when there isn't anything the minority can do to defend themselves.

I have one hope for the Oklahomans that support these forms of discrimination: I hope they live long enough to have to explain to their children and grandchildren why they were so against a minority that they would outlaw their love and deny them happiness.

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