Friday, March 29, 2013

Google Keep vs Evernote

Is Google Keep's main competition Evernote? I don't think so. Evernote has been around for longer and has had time to greatly enhance their product. All the reviews seem to agree; Evernote is a more full featured product available across more platforms. Then why would Google release Keep?

One thing that was missing from the Android platform was any kind of note taking app. If you wanted to take any notes at all, you were essentially limited to using your email account to write emails to yourself. There had to be a better solution.

Enter Google Note. Note provides, free of charge, the functionality that was missing on their Android operating system. It ties into Google Drive which can provide further editing capabilities and makes everything available on your phone, computer, or laptop.

Note is fantastic in its limited sphere. If you need something more powerful, there will always be Evernote. I suspect that the target of Google's new program is Apple and the iphone, not Evernote.

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