Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sugarcoating Shit Isn't Enough

Young Republicans are seeking to make a political difference at the national level. Over the past two election cycles the Democratic party has taken the lion's share of the millennial generation -- people between 18 and 29. On a grand level I can't help but wish them luck. I think it is better for the country when there are multiple sides presenting multiple views on the right course for the country. What isn't worthwhile, however, is for one party to exist primarily to keep minorities out of the mainstream of society.

Rebranding the politics of prejudice instead of removing the prejudice all together is the wrong approach. Reuters is reporting that millenials are seeking a younger leadership that can speak more to their interests and leave the divisive social issues behind.

Fed up with a Republican Party strongly associated with anti-abortion, anti-gay and anti-environment stances many younger voters do not share, some young Republican groups are shaping their own message.
Concord 51, a new political action committee, bills itself as "the voice of the young, fiscally conservative professional" with a focus on the "three core issues of fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, and energy advancement."

This sounds like the kind of ideas that should be put forward by the Republican party. These are things that the United States needs to have a conversation about. There is room for legitimate disagreement on the size of the military, what constitutes fiscal responsibility, and the best way forward with energy policy. But none of these things can happen as long as candidates are put forward that thrive on thoughtless comments and denigrating minorities.

Looking toward 2016, young Republicans are excited about the possibility of a younger nominee like Marco Rubio, 41, the U.S. senator from Florida who loves hip-hop and recently quoted rappers Wiz Khalifa and Jay-Z on the Senate floor.
Many showed up Thursday for a meeting of the Conservative Political Action Committee in Maryland to scope out possible candidates like Rubio, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, 50, and U.S. Representative Paul Ryan, 43, of Wisconsin, the party's unsuccessful vice presidential candidate in 2012.

As you can see, the very people that are being pushed to the front as the savior for the millennials are the same people that practice the most disgusting acts of trying to make discrimination legal against minority groups.

You are never going to attract people to debates about legitimate politics as long as they fear that fundamental aspects of their personality or bodies are going to be made illegal. As long as we fear that you will hurt those that we love most, deny our marriages, take away our children, fiscally ruin our families, allow us to be fired for whom we date, deny us the right to make choices about our own bodies, or even protect ourselves from the dangers our the world then we will never be free to discuss other important ideas. The first thing we all must do is provide for ourselves and those we love. Stop putting candidates forward that want to attack our families and then we will be happy to discuss these other issues.

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