Monday, February 25, 2013

Changing the Voting Rules Won't Help Republicans

The Republican party has been hard at work trying to change the way that some states award their electoral votes during a presidential election. Most of these states have come to their senses and realized that trying to game the system to win elections wasn't the best idea. Michigan, it seems, didn't come to the same conclusion.

Michigan Live reports:
Republican Rep. Pete Lund's pending proposal would award one vote to the winner of each of the state's 14 congressional districts and two votes to the winner of the statewide popular vote. If that system had been in place last year, it appears Romney could have won 9 electoral votes to Obama's 7.
So Romney would have "won" Michigan despite the fact that President Obama defeated Mitt Romney by more than 9 percentage points in the state. I can't see any way to look at it other than to think that Rep. Pete Lund wants to make sure that the Republican candidate always gets the lion's share of the electoral college votes his state.

But Rep. Lund disagrees:
Lund, from Shelby Township, says the plan isn’t designed to help one political party over the other. He says it’s a move designed to be more representative of the people and actual vote totals.
It is easy to see that this is either a lie or Rep. Lund has a devastating problem with logic and reason. As noted earlier, the majority of the voting population in Michigan voted for President Obama. That was the reason he won the state's electoral college.

Despite Rep. Lund's shenanigans, I suspect that their plan won't help them in the long run. Even if they do manage to get a plan in place to skew the electoral vote, I suspect that the people will continue to migrate away from the Republican party. Sure, if the Republican party managed to tilt the playing field enough, they might win a few elections in the short term. The problem is that they aren't doing anything to represent the people they want to vote for them. If they would use compassion and integrity to represent their electorate, they wouldn't need to try to steal elections.

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