Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Who Do You Trust With Firearms?

It sure isn't Wayne LaPierre. He told CBS News that:

Closing the federal loophole that allows Americans to buy guns in private transactions without having gone through a background check would be a slippery slope, National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre said today, suggesting that President Obama and his administration would insist on taking it a step further.

The type of person we need in the National Rifle Association is someone that is willing to look at all the laws concerning firearms and do what is right of the American public including gun owners. There is no reason to be against universal background checks. I will grant that they won't catch everyone that shouldn't be allowed to purchase a firearm, but they will prevent some of the people that shouldn't be allowed to purchase firearms from getting their hands on them. Ultimately laws like this will help decrease the number of people that will end up being killed by rogue weapons.
But what makes Mr. LaPierre's stance truly horrendous is the fact that it won't help legal firearm owners at all. People that buy firearms legally aren't afraid to go through background checks. Legislation like President Obama is proposing won't infringe on our rights even in the slightest. There is no downside to legal owners of firearms. Universal background checks should be an example of a law that everyone can support; both gun owners and non-gun owning citizens.
By standing in the way of every piece of legislation regardless of the potential benefit of the legislation, Mr. LaPierre is showing himself as nothing more than a danger to all of the people of the United States regardless of whether they own a firearm or not.

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