Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Google's Chrome Browser is Getting Better

Google's chrome browser is getting so much better than it ever has been in the past. Not only is it beautiful, but it is fast and makes most of your browsing needs easy. For me, the only downside is that it still doesn't provide as much fine-grained control for privacy and security as I would like.

I have been using the Google chrome browser on my android powered phone lately. It wasn't necessarily the best browser on my phone, but it was easy to use, boost the size of the text for old eyes to see, and worked seamlessly with the android operating system. What really made it stand out was when I also installed Google chrome on a computer.

When I logged on my computer with a Chrome browser, all the bookmarks that I was reading on my phone were available on my computer. I didn't have to do anything special, they were just there. It made it extremely convenient to move from the computer to my phone when I have to leave, and move back to the computer when I get back home.

When I installed Google chrome on a second computer (third device) all the settings for my privacy and security that I had set on the first computer were available instantly on the second computer. I didn't have to go through all the different settings to get things the way I wanted. Some of there were necessary to change (resolution, etc...) but others were there waiting for me.

The only downside that I see is that I am used to using different plugins on Firefox for keeping my browsing secure. Firefox extensions (namely No Script) not only allow site by site control as Google chrome does now, but settings for individual scripts provided for the site. Granted, in order to use these types of extensions, you have to have a relatively high knowledge of the underlying requests and scripts. Without it, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Google chrome browser to anyone.


After using the Chrome browser for the day, I have decided to make it my default browser. I'm still keeping Firefox since there are some things that Firefox can do that other Chrome still doesn't do as well, but Chrome has been pleasing enough that, in addition its connectivity with my phone, I will think it is closer to my overall ideal browsing experience.

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