Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some BSA Parents: Screw Equality, We're Elite

It is difficult waiting on the Boy Scouts to decide whether they are going to allow equality in their ranks. Even at the accelerate rate that equality has been pushing forward for gays and lesbians recently, it is still moving at a glacial pace with regard to a human lifespan. Too many people that are born into inequality are forced to live with it until they die. And yet patience is becoming one of the most common refrains sung by the people that want to stop equality from happening.

A coalition of Boy Scouts councils representing some 540,000 youth -- or 20 percent of the organization’s 2.6 million active Scouts -- asked the national organization on Monday to delay a decision on ending the controversial policy, saying it was concerned “about the pace at which such actions are being taken,” according to a statement posted on the website of the Utah-based Great Salt Lake Council.

So what, specifically, is the problem with the Boy Scouts allowing each individual troop to make their own determination with respect to whether to allow gays into their ranks? It can't be because the rate of change is actually too fast. Depending on how the individual troops made their decisions, it is possible that not a single gay person would be allowed in the Boy Scouts. Instead, they feel sure that there are troops out there that want to end the discrimination, but if they don't all discriminate equally, then the ones that continue to discriminate will look bad in the eyes of the public.

Oldham said he had spoken with some troop leaders, pastors and parents who have expressed concern about the way forward if gays are allowed, particularly those units that will try to maintain the ban locally as would be permitted under the proposal. For more than two-thirds of Scouting groups affiliated with religious bodies, faith plays a large role in the private youth organization.

Yes, that's right. Religion plays a role in their discrimination decisions. And it isn't the love your neighbor, do unto others, kind of religion; instead, it is the kind of religion that is poison to the concept of equality and pisses on their own concept of loving your fellow man. It is a place where even though religion is required, it has to be their kind of religion that pushes bigoted ideas. No lesser religious thoughts that would not judge your fellow humans would possible be allowed, even if they are Christian religions too.
And what happens if other religious people step forward with equality in their hearts? Well, it seems like the only solution to the people that practice religions that push prejudicial ideas would be to remove themselves from dangerous thoughts like all men are created equal.

Angela Russell, who has an 11-year-old in the Boy Scouts and a 9-year-old in the Cub Scouts, said that if the BSA allows gays, particularly as leaders, they would be “breaking their own highly held codes to be ‘morally straight’ and to commit to such principles via oaths and promises.”
If the ban is lifted, “I must remove my boys from this program. My heart truly aches to think of it,” Russell, of Auburn, Wash., wrote in a letter she emailed to NBC News. “However, to leave them in a program that goes against its own teachings would be worse.”

There is a reason that people like Mrs. Russell don't want change to come so slow that essentially nothing changes. They don't want to see the idea of a tiered society come to an end. They don't want all people treated equally. They don't want any competition to their religious teachings that hold some people as lesser. The writing is on the wall. They realize that they will never be able to completely stop equality. Their only hope now is to slow it down to a crawl and pray for a miracle.

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