Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inhofe Resists Treating Soldiers' Families With Respect

One of the Republican senators from Oklahoma, Jim Inhofe, has a problem with treating the families of military personnel with respect and dignity; at least if that family isn't like his.

In a weak attempt to not violate the Defense of Marriage Act, the administration is using a play on words by saying ‘same sex domestic partners’ can have access to benefits instead of ‘spouses.’ We are on a slippery slope here,” Inhofe, the ranking GOP member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in a statement.

Indeed it is a slippery slope. First we treat one military family with dignity and respect for the service they are performing for our country, and the next thing you know we will be treating all of the families of military personnel with dignity and respect. There has to be something unamerican about all people being equal.

Why would the DoD extend benefits to same-sex partners and then deny cohabiting heterosexual couples the same benefits?

That is actually an easy one to answer. Since -- due to fear, shortsightedness, politics, or whatever -- the United States passed a federal law stating that same-sex couples marriages would not be recognized by the federal government, they are simply treating all people that maintain the highest possible relationship status the same. The highest relationship status for a heterosexual couple is marriage; for a same-sex couple, it varies by location but can never be recognized as marriage by the government.

The Department of Defense is essentially creating a new class of beneficiary that will increase costs and demand for limited resources that are currently available for military families, active and reserve forces, and retirees,” Inhofe added. “President Obama continues to expand the government’s financial obligations to support his liberal social agenda during a time when this Administration has imposed drastic budget cuts to our military readiness and national security.”

The Department of Defense is simply doing what the federal government has insisted that it do through legislation. The DoD is benefits for the families of solders. They didn't create the new class of beneficiaries, the government did. If you would like to see the new class of beneficiaries disappear, repeal the misnamed Defense of Marriage Act, recognize all married people as married, and treat every family with equality and respect.
Oh, but don't worry if you think your prejudicial thinking isn't still reflected by the federal government:

But the federal Defense of Marriage Act still blocks the agency from enacting more than 85 other benefits now provided to heterosexual military spouses and their children, NBC reports.
These include medical and dental care, housing allowances, and death benefits.

Your legacy of assholery will be assured throughout history.

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