Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oklahoma Continues the War on Women

Oklahoma continues its war on women and their health by attempting to push a bill through the Oklahoma house. If the bill successfully becomes law, there will be no recourse for young women to receive an abortion without consulting their parents. No longer would they be able to speak with a judge and explain their situation like a rational human being, instead they will have to present their case to their parents and hope their parents aren't the dangerous kind of people that would take out their frustrations on their child.
There is hope. According to the Tulsa World Representative Doug Cox said:

"We keep passing stuff like this, they'll [abortions] be done in back alleys with coat hangers, people," said Cox, R-Grove, an emergency room physician.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Rep. Cox is an emergency room physician. It could be that he has seen the horrors that people face in the real world instead of the fictitious world often painted by politicians where everyone is supposed to stay in their place and no one ever truly suffers. Perhaps he has seen the consequences of trying to force your will on other people and the fact that there are rarely winners in those situations. Regardless of the reasons, it takes a brave man that stands up for reality in this state.
Rep. Cox's best effort hasn't been enough at this point to make any real difference. The conservatives that want to wage a war on women are winning. Still, that a Republican is willing to take a stand and speak the truth about the type of danger that conservatives are allowing women to face gives me hope that Oklahoma isn't beyond the point of saving. Hopefully more people will be willing to stand up against the theocrats and tell them that they are going too far.

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